Whether you are drinking

or collecting wine, it is universally considered a trendy lifestyle and a hot topic in discussions with friends, colleagues and associates. Collecting rare and fine wines is judged to be part of the world of Alternative Investment, much like that of classic cars, vintage watches, art and antiques, all known to be “Passion Investments” that go beyond the usual Stocks and Bonds.

For those who pursue the Trading and Serving of Premium and Fine Wines, consulting with a professional is central to realizing the expectations of financial success and the rich enjoyment of serving and drinking quality wines. Such consultation expertise can only be attained by the extensive and knowledgeable experience resulting from years of serving the wine industry.

Let Wine2 assist you in achieving the know-how to:
• Discover, Appreciate, Taste and Share the wide range of available wines
• Develop, Manage and Evaluate a Wine Collection
• Significantly Improve Wine Sales and Trades


About Us

Wine Square (Hong Kong) Limited
was formed in July 2013.

Wine2 HK has closely associated with Anrae Fine Wines since its formation. Both Wine2 HK and AFW are operated by the same team of wine enthusiasts, including a collector, a professional sommelier (Mr. Yves Sauboua) and a logistic coordinator, all with 20+ years in wine related services.



Wine2 devotes itself to help clients achieve a more diverse and exciting wine experience.



Whoever you are, Wine2 is eager to offer its services to all those who look for professional wine related support and assistance.

Wine List Selection

Success can be measured by Quality, and when combined with Presentation it becomes an achievement.

Wine & Food Pairing

Good Food becomes Great when paired with the right Wine.

Wine Tour

Knowledge and Appreciation of Wines gained by visiting the source adds to its enjoyment.

Personal Buyer & Cellar Management

Collecting Fine Wines is a Passion – Cellar Management is an Art.

Guest Speaker

Wine knowledge presented in a professional manner by a professional enhances the wine experience.

Wine Seminar

A wine seminar is a great way to increase your serving staff’s ability in up-selling and understanding wines.

Wine Accessories


By joining Wine2 events you can discover, taste and appreciate a variety of  great sommelier choice wines from diverse regions of the world.

Please click the indicated tab for event details.

Stock List

Wine2 is able to source virtually any wine with its extensive international connections and reliable channels.

Wine2 searches for the best wines at the best prices.

For order or any enquiries, please contact admin@winesquareltd.com.

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