About Us

Wine2 HK has closely associated with Anrae Fine Wines since its formation. Both Wine2 HK and AFW are operated by the same team of wine enthusiasts, including a collector, a professional sommelier (Mr. Yves Sauboua) and a logistic coordinator, all with 20+ years in wine related services.

For more opportunities outside Hong Kong, Wine Square (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established in July 2016 and based in Phuket. Wine2 Thailand provides the local Thai retail customers, expats and tourists a great variety of sommelier choice wines at its wine shop.

Yves Sauboua is a French National who grew up in Margaux, France. His work with world-renowned chefs as well as prominent wineries, private dining clubs and 5-star hotels, has provided Yves a 30-year track record in the food and wine industry.